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VRAB Sliders

75 MIN

A local twist of Singapore’s iconic chilli crab dish into sliders. Filled with a juicy, crispy VRAB patty coated in tempura batter and panko breadcrumbs and topped with the famous chilli crab sauce.

VRAB Spring Roll

50 MIN

A quick and easy recipe to make with fresh ingredients with VRAB. Best served with sweet thai chilli sauce for a spicy touch.


55 MIN

A non-typical take without mayonnaise Creamy cajun seasoned cashew sauce with a fresh touch of cucumber & tomatoes. Indeed, fresh & absolutely addicting.

VRAB Shark Fin Soup

45 MIN

Tasty & succulent shark fin soup with VRAB


55 MIN

Tempura battered VRAB ball crispy on the outside, soft & flavourful on the inside and sure to please anyone and everyone. A great bar snack to go alongside drinks and best accompanied with various sauces.


60 MIN

Simple & delicious Cajun spread recipe made with VRAB